Webpage Changes
Auto add gold when leveling up

Added a 'Table' in the adventure log edit that will autofill the points to buy field.

Added 6 more slots to unlock magic items in the log

Added dropdown of all available unlocked magic items for a character

Changed the Checkpoint and Treasure Points to accept decimals

Changed Eberron as it's own system.

If no characters created, do not allow pressing add on the adventurs log screen

Sort Characters when assigning character to game

On the Future Games screen, added link to game

Added Gold Earned per level on XP Table

Added PHB+1 to character Log and Sheet

Show your up and comming games on the main page

Allow copying a Character and it's logs

Added ability to import character token

Show Character token on large font log

Show Character token on Game Players Browse page

Added 'Find' button to DB Rewards

Added Module Description tooltip over the module name on the games and modules browse pages

Added 'Sort By' to the Adventuring Log browse page

AL Season 8 Changes

Fixed issue where FG change the version of the XML file

Added 'Large Font' version of the character sheet

Users can no longer modify game information

Fixed issue where filter DM software resetting to Roll20

Conventions can now filter by DM software

Fixed FG Character Sheet errors when missing PowerGroup and AdventureLog tables.

When viewing convention games, if con uses slots, display.

Allow convention slots to run any available mod not setup in the convention mods tab.

Fixed Formating of Convention/Store browse page

Modified Convention/Store link to allow to be pasted in Facebook Messager

Do not allow players of conventions to add modules.

Fixed Convention Slot # Display in dropdowns.

Added 'Used/XP Low to High' and 'Used/XP High to Low' sorts to the DM Rewards sort by selections

Allow adding 'Offsite' signups to the games list.

Allow copying a Covnetion/Store record that you are the owner of.

Modified convention store link to encrypt it.

Added a 'Monter XP Xalculator' to the Encounter builder.

Fixed issue where you could not put ' in comments.

Fixed issue when a character reaches 20th level in the adventure log.

Added 'Hours DM'ed' to the DM Reward page, summarize by season and the DM Reward browsing

Added a DM Reward Calculator to the DM Rewards page.

Fixed DM's guild link if not logged in.

Added level to dropdown of character names in the log, and on the Modules Played page

Added ability for DM's to reserve spots for a group of people.

Added 'Magic Item' column to DM rewards

Added a DM rewards report.

Added Faction and Name to GM Character Log View

Fixed more spelling issues

Modify 'Storyline' dropdowns to filter by selected system.

Added System to E-Mail's in the subject and body

Added Item Procurment to Downtime Days Workspace

Allow GM's to save game information from the Player Viewing Page

Allow a DM to add logs to all selected characters on Player Viewing Page

Made the logo on the main menu a shortcut to 'Online Games|

Add a module search on the Games Edit and the Adventure Log edit pages

Added error logging around AdventureLogEdt

Added Nations/Regions in place of factions for LA5E

Added LA5E Adventure Chronicle

Added Tools Logo to the default and main menu pages

Fixed Convention/Store Direct Link

Added ability to run games in for multiple systems.

When signing up for a game, when you click 'Add to Log', it will now register you for the game

Created a 'Minimum' size adventure log report.

Added Slots to the Convention/Store

Fixed notes button

Show which DM Guild mods have a fantasy grounds mod, and filter by them.

Continued games was not showing player signup order.

Added 'Fantasy Grounds Mod' in the DM's guild browse page

Added E-Mail and DCI numbers for GM's on player view.

Modified Notes on game browse screen so clicking will show tooltip

You can save a Default # of reserved spots under your user record

New Comment section for games added

Allow DM's to add reserved players when creating the game.

Added 'Game Notes' tooltip on the browse game view

Complete Webpage Overhall

Allow sorting games by Newest First

Fixed errors when there is an ' in the season name

Modified Quest of the Week Description

Do not show the # of players signed up for a game. Only show the order number for players in the game.

Modified e-mails from games by DM's to show the players time zone (%tz) and time difference between the two (%td).

Allow DM's to change Reserved players in games.

Added a flag to modules so that the modules can not be sheduled.

Added a 'Runtime Override' so that DM's can override the runtime of a game.

Added ability to upload Log sheets and certs for a character

Added to the Adventure Log Report a printout of the uploaded Logs and Certs

As a DM, from the 'View Signups' screen, you can view a characters uploaded log or certs.

Added badge for Quest of the Week Games

Added Key to Browse Games page.

Convention/Store game were showing up on the QotW main menu page.

Allow putting 0 xp in DM Rewards

Append the DM Rewards notes to the log entry

When signing up for games, it is now required that you choose a character.

On DM stream, only show records with valid URL's

Fixed issue where DM's could not set 'Attended' for QotW Games

Do not allow players to delete their signups if the are marked as attended

Added all 30 & 45 minute timezones

Fixed issue where DM Software would change to 'Other' when editing a game.

Added options to purchase 'Quest of the Week' games.

Added 'us' to the DM's guild module prices

No longer filter the games by the date you select when adding a new game.

Fixed 'Knight of the Order' background

Limited GM Server Info to 50 characters on browse screen. show GM server ID on player signup page. Added ... image with full text in a tooltip

Fixed gold from downtime calulate from copper to silver

Allow moving an online convention/store game to public play.

Show the GM DCI Number on the Game signup page.

On the Browse Games page, moved some filters to shrink the height of the filter.

Added 'Do not show Linked Games' filter the Browse Games page.

Changed 'Adventures League' to 'Adventuring Log'

If the same quest of the week was two weeks in a row, and it is the same modules, and the quest of the week dates overlap, then you would get duplicate records in the browse game page

Minutes was not showing up on the QofW listing on main page

# of players was not showing up on linked games.

Added 'City of Brass' software.

Added 'Quest of the Week Explained' links and page.

Added a list of the linked games on the Game Players page and on the game edit page.

Added GM Timezone (GM TZ ##) to the games browse screen

Added ability to create 'Linked' games to the games calender. This will give you the ability to run continuing games, keeping the original players and signup order.

Quest of the week DM's can now see who has already played in the quest of the week

Added a 'Character Log URL' to a character record that will allow DM's to link to your log when viewing game signups

When DM's view game signups, they can now open a screen to the character log if the player uses the tools website to view log.

Created a page of Items for sale on the DM's guild.

Online Conventions can now be advertised on the main page, and on the login page.

Modified e-mails from games by DM's to set the dates to the players timezone by putting a %d or %t in the subject and message

Modified conventions to not allow games being added, and to only allow specific software to be played

Strip out the special characters from the file names of the adventure log and character sheet pdf files.

Created an Encounter Build to calculate Character Threshold for an encounter.

Created a screen under the DM menu 'Instructions on Converting Images to align with FG Grid'.

When adding a log from the player game edit screen, the game notes will now be coppied over.

You can now schedule games that have not been released yet, but the game date must be on or after the release date.

PDF Character sheets and logs file names will now container the character name.

To FG Char sheet, Non-Spells will no longer be called cantrips. The Number of uses for this will now be shown on the right.

Added 'Private' feature to Conventions/Stores so only registered players can see.

Changed Image to Strahd

Added 'Add to DM Log' button for DM's of online games on the view game players window.

Was not returning error message from E-Mail calls, so all e-mails were comming back sucessful even if they were not.

Added Player list of e-mails to E-Mail screen

Changed 'Announce Server Up' button to 'E-Mail Players'

In the Convention/Store Edit, fixed the E-Mail DM button changing to E-Mail All

Replaced instances of 'Adventure League' to 'Adventuring Log'

Added the word [played] in the character dropdown of game signup screen if a character has paled in a able.

Added XP Table to point buy calculator

Added iTabletop to the list of games.

In FG Character sheet, fixed the Thieves tools skill, no long show if you are not proficient

In FG Character sheet, added log printing.

Added +13 and -13 Time zones

Allow GM's to change the software they are running a game under from the default.

Fixed FG Character sheets not printing with new DMG module

Added ability to e-mail Convention/Store registered users

Modified the CAL file to use runtime for end time of event

Modified the CAL file to say - DMing in the summary if you are DMing the game.

Added 'Runtime' to the modules, displayed on games page

Added Default Language and # of players to user record

Added Language and Max # of players to games

DM's can now add the rewards for a game. When a players adds to the log, it will use what the DM added

Started using different control for date and times.

Put factions into a dropdown control

Cleaned up some of the buttons for Games

Fixed view for Player count

Added ability to add a log entry from the game signup screen, if you have a character selected.

Added 'Out of the Abyss' backgrounds

Added 'Only Show Games you are NOT Playing In' checkbox on game view.

Added direct links for Convention/Store games.

Added 'DM Stream Channels' page under the play menu

Created Announcments Page, changed right logo.

You no long have to select a character when signing up for a game.

Convention/Store Owners/Admins can now print a report of all the games and the players with their DCI #s

When viewing games, No longer show games that are less then the selected date

Fixed issue where character sheet would not print if you have a power, but no abilities added to it.

Added time filter, and day of week filter to the games browse screen.

Added Faction Rank to the 'Renown Total' of the adventure log printout.

Changed E-Mail to use G-Mail (alonlinetools@gmail.com).

Added "Secret Mission Accomplished" flag to log.

Fixed the Magic Item count at the bottom of the Adventure Log Browse screen

Added Faction Rank to the bottom of the Adventure Log Browse screen

Added 'Agree to Terms' page

Added the game notes and date to the game player browse screen

On the games screen, wrap the game notes to reduce the width of the screen.

Start the Convention/Store screen by showing the places you are registred for first.

Added City, State, Postal Code and Location Type filters to convention/store page

Convention/Stores went live to everyone!

Wordwrap the stream information also

Supress any blank lines in the notes or stream

Changed the left logo from 'Online Play Tools' to 'Online Tools'

Add the 'Adventuring Log' News Feed to the webpage.

Reduced the size of the font on the main page to make room for the links at the bottom.

Setup a 'Helpful Links' page

When viewing the players for a game, if you are signed up for the game, the button will read now 'Edit' instead of 'Signup'

Anybody running a schedule GotW will now show on the main menu, not just GotW DM's

Allow the Adventuring Log Admins to put links on the login and main menu pages.

When requesting a game, after you press save, you now go right to the signup screen

Allow filtering games by DM Software.

Do not show the 'Withdraw' button when Requesting a game.

When signing up for a game, there will be a link to create a ics Calendar file that can be imported into your own Calendar.

Modified the header left logo to link to the Adventuring Log.org site

Modified the header right logo to link to the Wizards D & D site

Only show the date once on the version changes page

Added the ConventionStores table. Added button to menu's, under construction for non-admins

Increased the size of the seperator image.

Applying DM Reward will now update the character level.

When 'Catching Up' using the Downtime Days Worksheet, your XP needed will now be caculated when you press 'Apply'.

When changing the dates for searching Games, it will now remember your selection

For EotW DM's, if you happen to look at an old game, then the Module would get changed.

DM's can now withdaw from a game, all users who signed up will receive an E-Mail.

If a game has no DM, then a 'GM Game' button will appear so users can signup.

Added a 'Request' button to allow users to request specific games at a specific time in hopes to find a DM.

Added 'No GM' under the 'Specific DM' filter.

Clicking the 'Used' checkbox on the DM Rewards browse screen was throwing an error.

Only show the E-Mail and DCI numbers to the DM when browsing game players.

No longer show the 'New Quest of the Week' button for non EotW DM's

Autoset an EotW game for EotW games

On the 'Online Games' page highlight the EotW games, and put the DDEN games in a grey background.

Added 'Played In' to Games to for printing reporting sheet.

Fixed 'Mobile' tag not showing log enteries with overwritten names.

Changed Facebook link to Moonsea Pub

Changed E-Mail from on the 'Contact Us' form.

Added the "Custom" backround for characters.

When you signup a new character for a game, the level will now show 1 instead of 0

Added "Season" and "Specific DM" filters on the Online Games page.

Added the Future Game of the Week schedule to the main page.

Redid the menu system when you select 'Mobile' on the login page

If a Game Players deletes their entry in a game, the Signup Order of all the other players are reordered.

Fixed some return links from the online games menu

No long show Games of the Week that have already passed on the main page.

When viewing online games, if you are signed up for a game, your signup order is now displayed on the page

Added a checkbox on the online games page so that you see only the games you have signed up for.

On the adventure log browse screen, sort by play date instead of character/play date

Fixed 'Expidition of the Week' on the main page.

Fixed Adventure Log editing where the screen would move to the left.

Added 'Season' to the Adventure Log printout.

All playtest users will get announcments now, whether they have anncounce games turned on or not.

The 'Online Games' from the DM menu will now only show you the games you are running.

Added a Downtime Workspace to help figure out downtime costs and days

Added "Last Updated" link on the main page

Allow for fractional gold pieces in the Adventure Log and DM Rewards

Show Current Calculated level on the Character Browse screen

Added a Background to a character.

Added a Default Lifestyle to a character.

Added a "Season Origin" to a character.

Changed e-mail server, all e-mail sent from Games@ALOnlineTools.net

Converted to Framework 3.5

Improved functions of point buy calc, adventure log edit, and DM Reward edit to stop postback.

Added ability to print Fanatasy Grounds XML Characters sheets from the web page.

Added Point Buy Calculator

Finished Playtest Options

Changed main menu heading.

Added Quest of the week rundown on the main page

Added 'Quests of the Week' to the play menu

Allow Games view to filter by 'Quests of the Week'

Allow Quest of the Week DM's to schedule their games specificly

DM can now copy themselves when sending out e-mails for games.

On the DM Game setup page, add a 'Today' button. Do not allow games to be scheduled or edited that are over a year old.

Allow the DM to change the E-Mail from when announcing games.

Changed the 'Contact Us' and 'FAQ' links to e-mail internally instead of using client e-mail.

Added tooltips to all the edit and delete images on the browse pages.

A bug in IIS was causing users sessions to get crossed, turned caching off on server seemed to fix the problem.

When a DM is viewing a game, they can print a list of players and their DCI numbers that they can send to a store to report the game.

Added 'Suggest FAQ Question' link

Added Version Changes page