FG Map Image Grid Alignment
1. Open your image up in Paint.net . If you don't have this tool, google it and download it.
2. Change the cursor in Paint.net from a drawing tool to a selection tool
3. Size the map image so you can clearly see the map image grid.
4. Draw horizontally around 10 squares. On the status bar in the lower left corner, you will see the area of your selection. For example, mine was 72,8
Enter the number of pixels selected:
Enter the number of squares selected:
7. On the status bar in the lower right corner, you will see the image dimensions. My image was 1024,768.
Enter the number of horizontal pixels of the image (width):
Enter the grid size in pixels that you want to use in Fantasy Grounds (24 for example):
10. Press the Calculate Button:
11. Click Image in Paint.net to resize the image. Put a check-mark in the aspect ration Enter 0  for the horizontal value.
12.Save as jpeg.
13.Add the image to FG images folder in your campaign.
14.Open your campaign in FG and open the image and using the grid tool, trace a 0  pixel square over one of the map's squares.
Now you have a map where its grid lines up with the FG grid you overlay it with.