In our last post, I spoke a bit about some of the details of the #VotePipyap event that we’re looking forward to and how we had hit a couple hurdles. If none of this makes sense or you just want to know more about this whole “#VotePipyap” weirdness, please check out the page for this event! […]
Last month, we premiered previews of changes to the Adventurers League’s core documentation for Season 9, and now we’re asking for your feedback! To recap: 1st Preview — Season 9 ALPG & ALDMG Preview — APLG & ALDMG v9.x, with adjustments to Monetary Rewards & Seasonality 2nd Preview — Zeroing in on Gold — APLG & ALDMG v9.x1, […]
“This city’s really going to, you know…” Pipyap trailed off, letting the comment hang in the air for a moment. His tail twitched twice as he continued, “… that place. And I’m not sure that I’m ready for that big trip. Fai, it’s not my fault that adventurers keep taking my cookie bag!” The imp […]
Voting for the 2019 ENnie Tabletop RPG Awards has begun, and we are THRILLED to announce that D&D Adventurers League community members have been selected for four out of five nominations in the Best Organized Play category! Cypher Play Numenera Season 18-2: Building Amber Keep, Monte Cook Games – Sean K. Reynolds and Bruce R. Cordell Heir […]
Hi, all! It’s been, like, awhile since I’ve posted here – since moving in the Resource Management role with Claire Hoffman, we’ve had a TON of projects thrown our way. Today, one of the big ones goes live! We’re relaunching the Community-Created Content (CCC) program with some very significant updates. Here are the highlights: events […]
Last week, we presented a draft of some of the changes we plan on implementing in the Season 9 Adventurers League Player’s Guide and Dungeon Master’s Guide. Among the changes we’re proposing for Season 9 is a change in how gold is awarded and accrued—changing it from a level-based “allowance” to something a bit more […]
Hello, adventurers! As we gear up for Season 9, the Admin team is revising and updating some of the League’s core documentation. Today we’re presenting draft versions of the S9 AL Player’s Guide and AL Dungeon Master’s Guide here for the community’s review. In about two weeks, we’ll be sharing a survey link where the […]
Ghosts of Saltmarsh is releasing on May 21, 2019! Saltmarsh will be considered a Season 0 (season-agnostic) release, and is not tied to any particular DDAL storyline season. The hardcover book will carry the DDHC00-GSM adventure code, and will be available for Tiers 1 through 3 (characters level 1 through 16). The introductory adventure sent […]
The following post is a recap of information written by Chris Lindsay for the April 2019 issue of Dragon+. D&D Adventurers League play is divided into story seasons. Since the beginning of the program there have been eight story seasons, each one focusing on and supporting a given adventure product(s) released by the D&D team. […]
Welcome to Detect Thoughts! Detect Thoughts is a living document that collects official clarifications, guidance, and rulings from the Admins and AL community. Each installment will review the additions to the document in a blog post, as well as compile them into a PDF that can be kept with your Adventurers League materials. The information […]