Adventurers League News
So, with the recent release of the Season 6 Player’s Guide, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and accompanying FAQ documentation some of you may have noticed a little extra something on the front cover: Do you see it? It’s near the bottom… Right there, in the mix with the rest of the team names that you’ve all […]
Lee Moyer did a lot of the amazing cartography work for Storm King’s Thunder, including some of the final lairs. You can download all of his maps in hi-res for a few bucks on his webstore.  
Today is the WPN early release of Tales from the Yawning Portal! You can get your copies at your local WPN stores in North America today. You can also get it on Fantasy Grounds and Roll20! If you can’t find it in your local stores today it will be widely available on April 4th. To […]
The Tales from the Yawning Portal adventure compilation was recently announced by Wizards of the Coast as the next adventure release for Dungeons & Dragons. This new book takes a novel format for D&D 5e adventures. Instead of one level spanning adventure, it is a series of dungeon crawls taken from every edition of D&D’s […]
Robert Adducci will be running his D&D Adventurers League adventure DDAO12 Dragons of Fire and Death ONLINE as part of KoboldCon on Sat. March 18th at 10am Eastern (8am Mountain). Yes, online. They’re offering a worldwide giveaway to determine who the lucky 5 players will be. You can enter the giveaway by making a donation […]
You can now get Baldman Game’s Elmwood ConCreated Content trilogy on the DMsGuild. CCC-BMG-16 ELM 1-1 The Sage of Cormanthor The grain has rotted in the town of Elmwood, which means people might starve, businesses and banks might fail, and endanger the town’s already-precarious existence. Brave adventurers are needed to travel through the wild forest […]
Happy Valentines Day from the folks at Dungeons & Dragons and the D&D Adventurers League!
It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means the newest AL adventures have been released to the DMs Guild! Bad Business in Parnast DDAL05-12 Bad Business in Parnast by Joe Marflak Bad Fruul and his minions have been threatening to overtake the town of Parnast for some time, and intelligence provided by SEER […]
With the recent announcement of Tales from the Yawning Portal the AL admins are gearing up for a special season of D&D Adventurers League. Here are some details of the next season and current season’s DM Quests: Season 5 – Storm King’s Thunder: – DM Quests will be extended until April 30, 2017. The DMs […]
It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means new adventures! We offer you the first Tier 3 adventure in Beregost for the season and continuations of adventures in Parnast and Stagwick. DDAL05-08 Beneath Durlag’s Tower East of Beregost, nestled in the outskirts of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, Durlag’s Tower has intrigued and yet stymied […]